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A weird way to say fucked up.
Matt: Thats fucked up!
Ronny: Thats fucked down.
Matt: Your fuckled.
by Matt at. February 08, 2008
The past tense of fuckle.
At the tender age of ten, Steve was fuckled by Uncle elmo.
by Ashley Joseph March 22, 2007
A cross between being buckled (see definition) and fucked up. Usually from smoking massive amounts of weed. This is when you fall over in front of the flower pot while trying to walk out the front door.
damn, I was so fuckled I tripped over that huge bush in the driveway... what do you mean I'm not in the driveway?
by deadbear July 10, 2008
When you get pulled over and get a ticket from a cop for not wearing your seatbelt.
"Man, that cop over on 21 and Garfield fuckled me."
by Miles Fowler February 10, 2008
Fucking + pickled = fuckled
Refers to being so drunk you are fucked up beyond all cognitive ability.

Also refers to being in any situation where there seems no way out. In a fucking pickle.
"I was so completely fuckled last night, I have no idea how I got home."

"When you wife finds out what you did, you will be completely fuckled!"
by c4ll1ng November 21, 2007
an extremely ugly person; ugly beyond repair. Beyond Dugly and fugly. a derivative of fugly.
Man, what were you thinking hooking up with that chick! That bitch was fuckled!

That girl is fuckled. she looks like shes was hit in the face with a bag of quarters.
by Terrell C. August 12, 2006
To be fucking buckled from Drugs or Alcohol
Have you seen Dan lately? He looked fuckled last time i seen him, hadnt slept for days.
by []D.[].[]v[].[]D August 03, 2006
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