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any derivitive of the word fuck
can be used inbetween words as well as at the end/beginning of sentences to add zip...

she fucked him
he fucked her

fucking bastard

fuck it
fuck the fucking fuckers

Julian is a fucking cunt mother(shit)
by chrissy m March 26, 2005
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Fuckism is the religion where you are sick and tired of the bible thumpers trying to censor you. You like the word fuck and or you like to fuck. Fuckism is fucking amazing. The temple for which we do our fucking is called the Fuck Factory! Feel free to fuck fuckers!
Fuckism fucking rocks!
by God Of Fuckism October 28, 2007
to insert the word fuck in a miltisyllable word between syllables to form a new word.
guy: Baby that pussy is fan-fucking-tastic!

Gal: Nice fuckism sweet heart.

Sweet heart the way you hum with my balls in your mouth is Ex-fucking-quisite!

What in the hell were you thinking shit for brains? Are you Re-fucking-tarted?
by DaStalka March 30, 2010
Fuckism is a cult/religion.

This will change the usual day at school all maths lessons will be removed from the day and replaced with sex.

Names will be drawn from a hat at the start of the sex and you will be paired up with some one.

There is a hitler figure called shitler who kills anyone with assholes you will have to sew up your arse.
I enjoyed my daily fuckism course.
by larry the turtle December 08, 2009

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