Adjective. Word to describe a place that is WORSE than a shithole. Worse dump in the world. Couldn't think of anywhere worse to be right now. Etc.
'I cant wait to leave this shitty Fuckhole'
#fuck #shit #crap #rubbish #hole #fuckhole
by Carrie Soper January 20, 2009
A hole that you fuck with a penis or other blunt intrument.
"Hey Sally, that is a pretty awesome fuck hole!"

"That girls ear would make an wicked fuck hole!"
by Andrew October 28, 2004
A filthy place or area, commonly associated with a foul, shitty smell. Unpleasant surroundings. Often associated with cheap bastards
Dude: I got us this sexy room for the night, wait till you see it!
Girl: This is a god damn dump! I will not stay in this fuck hole, you cheap bastard!
#dump #dive #cheap #bastard #filthy
by monstermeat January 27, 2008
1. A woman driver
2. Someone that passes you then slows down, or drives in the left lane withot passing.
3. Someone who spawn kills you in a FPS game.
"What's up with this Fuck hole."

"I hope this Fuck hole drowns in a sea of Chewbacca's cum."

"Look at this Fuck hole, I'm gonna smash this T.V."
#fuckhole #fuck-hole #fuckholes #cunt #fuckhead
by Grund-eezee December 26, 2011
Where you go to fuck.
Get your own damn fuck hole!!!
by Austin September 12, 2004
alternate term for "pussy"
Richie is a fuck hole.
by Blues(Urban Fence Ninja) September 20, 2003
all people who think mtv is a fascist, brainwashing, society corrupting, degrading, evil entity. yeah thats right. i just called u a fuckhole u ass.
I hate all those fuckholes god damnit!
by SRL September 26, 2004
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