1) The head of a man's penis.

2) A derogatory term.
1) That Jew cut that guy's fuckhat off.

2) Get the fuck out of here, fuckhat.
by Bladdy bladdy blah September 24, 2003
Top Definition
a stronger version of asshat
he's more then and asshat, he's a full blown fuckhat
by Calvin November 12, 2003
One whom is constantly and unnecessarily cruel or "asshole-like" to anyone they so perceive as a potential threat/cock-block to future sexual shenanigans.
Steve: "Hey you know what Adam, fuck you!"

Adam: "What the hell? You're just being a fuck-hat because you don't want me to get in the way of you potentially penetrating my sister!"
by CMallinson December 13, 2008
Not a fuck coat, or a fuck shirt, pants, or even shoes, it is infact a fuck hat:

1) you fuck the hat making it a fuck hat.

2) used as a word meaning asshole, dick, basterd, deusch bad, etc.

3) a word usually said when your high and forgotten soon after you sober up.
1) Wheres my fuck hat?
2) Stop being such a fuck hat.
3) hMmm haha oh yeaaaa hahahaa fuck hat HAHAAHAA.
by pLaYaMaGiC11 May 01, 2005
general fuckwit.
'my name is galviin.' -galviin
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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