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Fucked Down is a term coined by my late friend Bryan Dixon to describe an object's condition after it had been seriously neglected and fallen to ruination.

(This in contrast to an object being "fucked up"; implying that a person performed an action on an object to bring it to ruination.)
"Hey man, you left that tractor of yours outside for so long, now it is so fucked down, its gonna take 5 days to fix."

(In contrast to: "When you tried to fix the tractor, all you did was fuck it up")
by bob owens March 10, 2007
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When one has had too muck sex
John: You look extremely tired.
Mike: Yeah I have been having large quantities of sex these pass couple of days.
John: Oh. You are just fucked-down
by KINGWILHELM November 27, 2010
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