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When someone loses the ability to think or complete a sentence without saying fuck a bunch of times.
Ahhh, that fuckin fuckin, ahh fuck that fuckin fuck fuck. FUCK!
by DO.g March 09, 2004
The inablity to speak clearly when an individual nears climax.
"Whos yo Daddy Girl! WHo-o-o-os Y-y-yo Dad-d-d-y Ughhh..."
by OPi3 March 03, 2004
The lapse in concentration that occurs at the point of sexual euphoria, just as some pearl of wisdom (not THAT kind of pearl) or other verbal exclamation escapes one's mouth - the conjunction of which causing the one experiencing said euphoria to trip over their words.
Him: "aw yeah baby, aw yeah, who's your daddy? Who's yuh ... yuh ... aw yeah ... "
Her: "Thanks honey; that fuck stutter completely killed any inclination I might've had to orgasm."
by spamhammer March 10, 2004
In the time frame of when you're about to get laid when both naked partners look at eachother and feel an awkward moment. (Often occures with virgins and inexperienced indiviguals)
"Don't just sit there and fuck stutter biatch, get on you're knees!."
by Cindy March 11, 2004
An event during shagging in which one shagee suffers a mental interruption such as fleetingly noticing a pustulating spot on their co-shagger's forhead where the interruption is great enough to cause them to have to stop for a short period whilst they get back into the mood.
Oh shit, I just remembered that time when I burst in on your granny having a bath. give me a minute, will you?
by Nefeco March 10, 2004
A break during coitus due to lack of energy or interest.
We had 3 or 4 fuck stutters and finally I busted a nut and called it a night.
by Patchwork March 16, 2004
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