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A reference to Lady Capulet (q.v. Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet), which just so sounds like some marketeer's name for some form of internal female contraception (q.v. dutch cap, cap)
"...you know I said I saw a really fit bird at work today? Well, it's no good, love, I just can't get her out of my head, so I've got a constant Japanese voting system. Pop Juliet's Mother in and let's see if we can't fuck this boner away...".
by Nefeco March 12, 2004
An event during shagging in which one shagee suffers a mental interruption such as fleetingly noticing a pustulating spot on their co-shagger's forhead where the interruption is great enough to cause them to have to stop for a short period whilst they get back into the mood.
Oh shit, I just remembered that time when I burst in on your granny having a bath. give me a minute, will you?
by Nefeco March 10, 2004
Shite ersatz paper-cup instant coffee, usually from a machine or road-side trailer-caff, but delivered with a topping of synthetic styrofoam (E237, E441 or E459) in order to verisimilitudinise your coffee-drinking experience.
"...only mockaccino I'm afraid - it's just out of the machine but at least it's got some rancid dog-spunk on top. Sugar?..."
by Nefeco March 10, 2004
An erection.
See Juliet's Mother.
by Nefeco March 12, 2004
What spunk turns into when in dries in an unfortunate place.
You're out and about, the totty is first-class but you don't think you're going to pull so you whack out a quick one in the bogs. Later you *do* pull, but when she pulls your pants down she finds that your dick is welded to your gusset...thanks to "Gusset Cement".
by Nefeco April 24, 2005
Similar to being a "face"
There's a new face in town.
by Nefeco April 22, 2005

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