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fuck fuck fuck a duck
screw a kangaroo
69 with a porcupine
man I love the zoo
by chelsea knell September 28, 2003
An expression used when frustrated
Person 1: Layouts for the next week?

Person 2: Fuck A Duck!!
by JasonHunt July 15, 2011
An expletive
A phrase expressing panic or anger

It refers to a song to the tune of "row your boat"

Fuck fuck fuck a duck
Screw a kangaroo
Fingerbang an orangutan
And hump a rhino to
1) Fuck a duck! I am so late for class because of that traffic on the freeway!
by surely April 12, 2005
fuck fuck fuck a duck
screw a kangaroo
finger bang an ourangoutang orgie at the zoo
whack whack whack a yak
give it to an eew
69 a porcupine ill bet hell like it too
c above
by bob May 12, 2003
Something a young and\or immature child would say when in a state of distress or when highly perplexed by a situation.
" I totally messed up today in Algebra, I couldn't help but just yell fuck a duck in front of everybody. I can't believe my teacher wrote me a detention slip over it."
by chinchilla_chalupa September 30, 2013
Childhood curse verse, circa 1968
Fuck a duck,
Screw a pigeon,
Go to Hell
And get religion.
by Marty Agee June 30, 2006
a military expession of suprise or anger

2. To Have sex with a water fowl namely a duck
"Well, Fuck a Duck! you hit the Commanding General with that mortar round Pyle"

2." Hey Cletus come see Jethro, he is going to fuck a duck the sicko!
by rabbt December 22, 2003