fucked up beyond all recognition
urbandictionary.com is fuabar
by Anonymous November 12, 2002
fucked up beyond all repair
this class is FUBAR
by penguin October 29, 2002
Found under bushes and rocks
He was 4 wheeling in the woods and FUBAR
by The original FUBAR July 09, 2009
to be fucked up beyond all recognition
I got so wrecked last night I was FUBAR
by MasterSofTrancE February 12, 2006
After her wreck, Her car is FUBAR
by Paige October 05, 2004
Mocumentary about two Calgary skids who shotgun Pilsner, wreck shit, battle cancer and "Just Give'r!"
Fubar is the best film of all time.
by montrealdude November 11, 2003
F**ked up beyond all recognition
Joe stood on a mine man... he's FUBAR
by OJ November 07, 2003

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