Yes, it is commonly known as "fucked up beyond all repair" or "all recognition." But I believe it was originally coined in the military, which has a penchant for acronyms, as "fouled up beyond all repair." You don't have to say "fucked." You can just say "fouled."
I can't hit the target because this rifle is FUBAR, Sir!
by David October 14, 2003
fucked up beyond all recognition is fuabar
by Anonymous November 12, 2002
Found under bushes and rocks
He was 4 wheeling in the woods and FUBAR
by The original FUBAR July 09, 2009
to be fucked up beyond all recognition
I got so wrecked last night I was FUBAR
by MasterSofTrancE February 12, 2006
After her wreck, Her car is FUBAR
by Paige October 05, 2004
F**ked up beyond all recognition
Joe stood on a mine man... he's FUBAR
by OJ November 07, 2003
Fucked up beyond all reconciliation.
Originally military.
See also goat fuck
"Some of these definitions are fubar"
by Quentin July 31, 2003

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