furman university
im goin to furman university in south carolina
by cole December 21, 2003
1. a name of a cat
2. short for f*** you
3. something fluffy (like a cat)
My cat Fu is fu and wants to fu.
by yasmin August 06, 2003
short or slang for "fool"
"Dat fu ain't got shit on me!"
by Leah July 30, 2003
shortened version of "fu manchu" , refering to a specific type of moustache that is gay.
that guy has a fu.
by jo jo February 21, 2003
a type of noodle served by Mama. originating in Mama's kitchen, fu is served to you hot and fresh as soon as the word is mentioned.

ALso being used in any word placement(taking the place of any given word)
Mama Fu' cooked Fu. I ate some FU today.

Excuse me while i visit the FU-cilitles.

I will FU you later.
by mama January 25, 2005
A very shitty wrestling move. It is nothing more than a body slam.
The FU is a shitty finishing move.
by Yo Momma January 13, 2005
a vietnamese noodle dish, that is bomb as hell, and you eat it with greens, bean sprouts, and hot green peppers.
I'm tired of top ramen. Let's get some fu!!!!
by ChrisissoooooooooCool October 12, 2004
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