A term used in RTS games to describe a particular unit as "Fully Upgraded" , i.e. it has been upgraded to the maximum level.
Player: OMG he's attackin me with those Roxxorz FU jarls.....
what do i do?

Team mate: GG
by fACT10n August 21, 2006
Short for Fecal Urgency. Severe diarrhea that comes on so fast that a bathroom must be found within a matter of minutes because it's coming out no matter what. Often contains little or no solid matter and feels like you're peeing out your ass. Frequently occurs the day after a long night of drinking
Those Jager shots I did last night caught up with me around noon and I had to stop at a gas station for a major F.U. attack.
by Urban_Wordsmith February 26, 2005
An acronym for "Force Units", a generic unit of measurement in chemistry.
The equation resolved to 15 FUs
by Resorath April 08, 2004
fuck up - to make a mistake.
Mostly used as "fu'd" for fucked up
cyberBOY01: man, I just accidently quit my web browser and my game!
Sh4tup99: dude you fu'd
by the Maniac June 23, 2004
Short for:

"FU u best b walkin'"
"FU ill kick ur ass"
by Da Shizzle December 23, 2003
The slang term for fool.
Yo man your a damn fu.
by yghfghfyt February 15, 2005
The perfect stem of the verb "to be" in Latin-- Sum, esse, fui, futurum.
Latin teacher: What's the perfect stem of "sum"?
Student: FU!
by Ladey Casey September 12, 2004
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