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Acronym for "fuck the hell off". used on the internet or while writing text messages.
A: "That was a terrible thing to say you should be banned from this site!"

B: "gosh, please just ftho!"
by whatupitsme September 05, 2009
Acronym for "fuck the hell off"; used during text messages or online.
Lee: What is your problem?! Do you REALIZE how mean that was??

Sammy: i have freedom of speech so ftho.
by whatupitsme September 05, 2009
Pronounced, "FFFF-THOW", is code for when you see a woman whose hard nipples are protruding from her shirt but is too close to otherwise point it out unnoticed. Stands for, "Full Titty Hard-On".
Do you see that FTHO?
by RichieC May 19, 2007
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