(pronounced fuh-tuh)
1- fuck that
2-back off
3-fuck you
4-fuck off
jenn-your hair looks really bad today, just to let you know.
by leslie d January 07, 2009
1. A character in the "Killer Tomatoes" series of films
2. Fuzzy Tomato
3. Friendly Tomato
4. A red headed person with messy or fuzzy hair
1. I want to get the FT doll for Christmas
2. Gwen: Sue's red hair is such a mess.
Lisa: Yeah Sue is a FT.
by Yogi-Donnie January 19, 2008
those Fucking Tourists
"Living at the lake would be more relaxful, if it wasn't for all those FT's."
by Cheb Ornek October 03, 2006
Short for "Fuck Tard"
BK loves having his head looking like a shaved testicle, what an FT!!!!
by Hubs July 12, 2005
frozen throne
ft is the expansion for wc3
by pika July 10, 2003
Funny Turn.
Basically stolen from the Georgia Nicolson books.
'I was so nervous waiting to go into that exam that I had practically had an FT'
by Zwazzle.like November 20, 2007
shorhand for Food Technology
My Second Lesson Today is FT
(My Second Lesson Today Is Fodd Technology
by Shmexy October 24, 2007

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