Funny turn.
Much like a nervy b. or nervy spaz.

(a reference from The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson)
Georgia just had a F.T..
by harrius potterus. March 21, 2009
For Trade
shako ft
by H.Dizzle November 16, 2008
fuck tard
When i bought my food the clerk gave me back the wrong change, what an ft.
by LANDONISTHEKING June 02, 2009
Face Time, spending the day at work doing nothing but showing your face.
"I had my work down hours ago, even though I'm on salary the boss won't let me leave till 5, the rest of the day is basically FT (face time).
by Stu id February 28, 2008
I have a FT job and FT school. I aint have time layin around chillin with you!
by haomaru87 September 15, 2010
"Frothy Twat"

A condition suffered by females caused by sustained physical exertion, which increases perspiration and humidity levels in the genital area, and through continued friction and rubbing, produces a frothy-like, odor emitting substance that accumulates in and around the vaginal opening.
"When my girlfriend got back from the gym, I was gonna go down on her but she was suffering from a severe case of FT."
by Bizlake99 April 06, 2009
F.T. is a ncik name for a boy who goes tanning and thinks hes cool but eveyrone thinks hes gay behind his back and he tans with antoher boy

F.T.= fabutan
hey scott guess what, i saw gay pat and gay andrew going into fabutan they are both big F.T.'s
by mullins March 17, 2006

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