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full service provider
Last night I called a FSP to set an appt. It was great, she did it all from sensual touch to Greek, all for a small donation. Awesome
by ParadiseBlue October 18, 2005
Free Shit Pool (a contest where a bunch of people put together prizes i.e. money, cards, or collectibles and month by month someone randomly wins something)
Yo did you enter the FSP?
Yeah I hope I win.
by straightedgesavior April 07, 2011
Fucking Stupid Post: Used to denote a particularly dumb or unisightful electronic post or comment.
Can be used when posters leave comments consisting only of acronyms which leave much ambiguity to their intended messege. E.g.

~BaldSpot83: FTW
~BigUgly: FSP. Do you mean Fuck The World or For The Win?

Also sometimes used when someone leaves any sort of question in a comment box labeled "Review." E.g.

~Dummy63: This product looks like its going to be awesome!!! do you think it will have shaceships?
~NonEarthStain: FSP dude
by GoogleIt29 August 01, 2011
Fuel sucking pig. A car or truck, or more commonly a SUV that uses excessive amounts of gas, and spews green house gases.

Wow you got a really really nice fsp.

Yea, this sucker goes, 0-80 in 7 seconds.

Man, that means you could be in a gas station by the end of the day.

Naw, this thing gets 9 miles to gallon and holds 35 gallons, on a long trip sometimes I have to get gas by noon.
by mlhiss June 03, 2008
Stands for "Fuck, Shit, Piss" This is used when something extremely unpleasant presents itself, and unfortunately Great Aunt Ann is in the room, so you're forced to use an acronym.
Setting - Family Gathering

Aunt Milda: "Oh Laura, watch out for ..." (Little cousin Billy dumps his steaming bowl of Spaghetti O's on Laura's lap)

Laura: "Ahhh!! FSP!!!!"
by Lorla April 14, 2008
A popular acronym for "Fuck Senior Project" used by students who are forced to complete a Senior Project before graduating High School.
Jen: i cant finish 10 pgs of this bs paper 4 friday! this is such a waste of time.
Alison: i know. fsp!
by IHateSP January 29, 2009
Acronym for 'Filthy Street Person'.
I'd enjoy visiting downtown more often if there weren't so many FSP's begging on the street.
by mattchicago January 16, 2006
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