The root of all evil.

Project devised by school boards to increase the high school teen suicide rate exponentially.
Senior Project is like water boarding, its so boring and pointless you feel like you want to be drowning.
by Johann Hegg April 21, 2009
1. (n.) The most pointless, time-consuming project in human history. High schools make their seniors spend hundreds of hours on senior project as a way to "get back at them" for making good grades and graduating. It ensures that you leave high school feeling angry and violated, and is just another reason why the dropout rate is so high.

2. (adj.) Something that takes forever to do, and ends up being an enormous waste of time that benefits nobody.
I fucking hate senior project; how is this even relevant to school?

We dated for six months, and I never got ANY; that bitch is a senior project.
by Dan Gulgatha January 27, 2010
Acronym: SP

1) A project destined to unlimited procrastination by the senior class until far past the 11th hour of the final night causing most seniors to skip many days of school in an attempt to "get a start on" or "complete" the incomprehensible derogatory assignment and in tern either have a long string of sexual intercourse, or to seek the need for a sexcratary, or a long excursion to the beach or long days on xbox live or world of warcraft.
Senior 1: So dude, I stayed home to do my senior project today.

Senior 2: How much did you get done?

Senior 1: Well dude, I tried to start, then I had to pee... then I was hungry so I had a sex biscuit.
by Mrchace October 11, 2008
When a senior has sexual intercourse with a freshman. It's a project that all senior guys should complete by the end of their senior year.
Did u do your senior project yet?
by Da boi da man April 04, 2008

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