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A much less offensive way of saying the "C" word. Given it's anatomical location, at the lower front of the abdomen, this makes sense...
Some women wear an expression of smugness, as if they have something secretly pleasuring them - up their frunt.
by PhilF November 20, 2006
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a high pressure fart
he didn't just break wind, he let out a really loud frunt
by spunkism October 15, 2003
A nicer way of saying FUCK. Sometimes can be used with other words such as those at the bottom.
What the frunt door? (phrase discovered by Aniki, used by Shali)
What the frunt, man?
by ZK May 25, 2004
1. another word to fill in for another word

2. code name for my domination plan

3. something an animal says
1. Frunt frunten frunt frunty frunts.

2. Commence with operation frunt.


by neala December 06, 2002

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