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(russian) Naughty girl.
May only be used by Adi and Zee. (unknown reasons)
Zee: Adi, so what did you do to that guy you met yesterday?
Adi: Noooothing, what about you with that other guy?
Zee: Nooooothing.
Together: Sha-lu-nish-ka!
by Zk November 23, 2004
someone who is Zero Knight's bitch
That girl is so nteshad
by ZK November 18, 2003
a name given to Zalina (crazi russian in HLSS) by Allan(Aniki)
Aniki: Yo Shali
Shali: Yes, A?
Aniki: Lets go get some SwissShali!
Shali: Frunt off!
by ZK May 25, 2004
A nicer way of saying FUCK. Sometimes can be used with other words such as those at the bottom.
What the frunt door? (phrase discovered by Aniki, used by Shali)
What the frunt, man?
by ZK May 25, 2004
Majin is no.1 batty in holland, HE IS MALE HETERO and no fucking punjabi !!
majin stfu u noob !!
majin come on
ffs majin dont !!
by Zk November 03, 2003

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