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the definition of frun is jew.
omg your a frun.
omg your a jew.

shutup you frun.
shutup you jew.
by ethersfam April 08, 2009
A run that is particularly fun. It can be an enjoyable path to run on or a run that really challenges you. Runners in the San Diego area and particularly ones at San Dieguito Academy use this term to describes running routes.
Brendon: Hey guys, lets run ten miles today!
Everyone: No way. Let's do a frun. How about a two mile loop to the beach that's a frun.
by IchiNiSanShi October 31, 2009
A joyous time when you Run in a field or meadow with a weird friend
Guy 1: Weirdo..
Guy2: What you wanna frun or something, gosh.
by 35u3649325 April 29, 2012
1. Fun, only better.
2. Fun in a scarcastic way.
"Looks like Old Mr. Birkam is going to give a pop-quiz...Oh frun."
by Danielle Jones June 28, 2004
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