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A long, mid-calf or ankle length, loose, ugly, frumpy jumper, worn with a t-shirt, turtleneck, or polo style shirt underneath. Frumpers are most often seen on fundamentalist, homeschooling Christian women or their daughters for the sake of modesty.
I knew I had spotted a fundie family in the Walmart parking lot because the mom and her 5 daughters were wearing matching pink calico frumpers.
by not a duggar June 15, 2011
Someone who smells other people's farts for pleasure.
After Rick farted, Jeff moved closer to get a good wiff of the odour. Then he took three more deep breathes through his nose and smiled.
by Jeff Shea November 25, 2003
The action of preforming oral sex in unpleasant circumstances.
Todd denied having fallen victim to Frump-er actions, although it was commonly known that the girl peed in her pants before the pair's encounter.
by Camp Paule June 20, 2010
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