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Used (usually) by heterosexual (mostly chauvenist) males when describing relatively easy sex or easy females. In other words, there is/was little, or no, effort (such as dinner, movie, time, money, favors, etc.) to receive sex whether regularly, or on a date, etc.
I love having Lana on the side. She's low maintenance and delivers the straight goods. No need for dinner, expenses and all that stuff, we just do it right away and that's it.
by PuZZleR August 19, 2005
Can be used in a variety of ways with similiar meanings to: sick, hype and ill
agreement: that's straight goods yo

happiness: i love u man, ur straight goods to me

disgust: Sanchez thats friggin straight goods, you dirty shiz! what the hells wrong with you my man?
by Razmatazz February 02, 2005
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