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Someone who smells other people's farts for pleasure.
After Rick farted, Jeff moved closer to get a good wiff of the odour. Then he took three more deep breathes through his nose and smiled.
by Jeff Shea November 25, 2003
31 22
A long, mid-calf or ankle length, loose, ugly, frumpy jumper, worn with a t-shirt, turtleneck, or polo style shirt underneath. Frumpers are most often seen on fundamentalist, homeschooling Christian women or their daughters for the sake of modesty.
I knew I had spotted a fundie family in the Walmart parking lot because the mom and her 5 daughters were wearing matching pink calico frumpers.
by not a duggar June 15, 2011
28 3
The action of preforming oral sex in unpleasant circumstances.
Todd denied having fallen victim to Frump-er actions, although it was commonly known that the girl peed in her pants before the pair's encounter.
by Camp Paule June 20, 2010
6 0
One who humps fat women.
Dude Harry is totally a frumper now, because he banged that whale last night.
by Q Cash Money May 15, 2013
3 0