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A beat making program
I use Fruity Loops to make all of my beats.
by J.Kace October 26, 2007
A downloadable music program used to recreate and make songs usually at your home computer
The famous rapper soulja boy used fruity loops for most of his beats including the hit song "crank that soulja boy"
by jalen brown October 23, 2007
A music sequencer along the lines of Reason and CubaseVST that lets you mix synths, drums, bass, samples, and effects to make your own "groove".

IMHO, one of the best music programs ever, although some people complain about the synths being too sharp.
"Dude, I made a killer track in Fruityloops!"
by Firefox May 30, 2004
A poorly put together piece of audio editing software which has been downloaded illegally by millions of people.

Described by those people as "Amazing" & often refereed to as the best software editing program on the market, peoples vision have been blurred by it's pretty visuals

alternative words for "Fruit Loops" : Can-o-shite, Piss Poor, no way near logic or reason & bag-o-crap.
Person one: "Have you seen the latest update from 'Can-o-shite'?"

Person two: "Oh yeah, they have really stepped up the DAW with that latest patch for Fruity Loops"

Person one: "You mean 'Can-o-shite'?"
by NCFE King of the NCFE February 14, 2012
a program for making gay techno
my fruity loops song gos boom cha boom cha hiss
by bite me66666666 February 28, 2008
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