What you see when you are mooned by a male. It is the collection of man-junk from a rear view.
While being mooned by Cassidy, I had the un-godly privilege of seeing his fruit salad.
by jamminjay October 18, 2002
Top Definition
n. An item rumored to exist at certain parties, consisting of a bowl filled with random pills. Partygoers dip into the bowl and experience random effects.
Back in the '80s--the "Just Say No" era--in elementary school health class, they warned us of the dangers of fruit salad. Of course, such a thing has never existed, but the important thing was to scare us away from drugs.
by SkidMarkyMark August 02, 2006
The result of a male tucking his genitalia between his legs while keeping his thighs pressed together.
At the end of 'Ace Ventura Pet Detective', a fruit salad is witnessed by the crowd.
by rupert2000 December 07, 2004
1. a mixture of household and prescription medicines (supposedly teenagers illicitly use them to become intoxicated)

2. the ribbons and and badges worn with a military uniform by solders of higher ranks
Don't go to the party just for the fruit salad. You don't know what's in it.
by The Return of LightJoker May 01, 2010
A culturally diverse group of homosexuals.
When Doug, Mohammed, Atsushi and Igor hang out, it's a total fruit salad.
by mifcorn August 20, 2011
When several different guys wear flavored condoms and stand in a circle whilst a girl goes around sucking each of their dicks.
Guy1: Dude what'd you do last night?

Guy2: Me and a couple of other guys stood in a circle and wore flavored condoms whilst Kayla went around sucking our dicks,Its called a fruit salad
by anonymous1744 September 14, 2013
A substitute word for sex. Usually used while texting friends to gloat that you just had sex without flat out saying it, just in case parental units get a hold of their phone.
Friend 1: Hey, where are you? Wanna play Skyrim?
Friend 2: Fruit salad. May be a while.
Friend 1: Oh, never mind then.
by Apple_Pie November 18, 2011
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