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Frude actually means (Fucking rude) as in "Filthy Fucking rude"! It's a word my boyfriend uses when others are around. Comes in handy when refering to the previous nights antic's when parents or children are present lol.
Frude thoughts, Frude on you'r ass, Frigging frude minded filth fanatic
by frudetube July 05, 2013
meaning gay or lesbian. another word besides faggot
we are big time frudes.
by maribel gutierrez November 20, 2007
Noun, adjective. Faux-rude, the kind of humour a slightly risque accountant would use.
"Another boring frude email from Terry in Accounts sent me into a paroxym of humourless despair."
by Far Beyond Sane September 07, 2003
a good looking girl, that is prude
I.E., fine, but prude :(
dude look shes hot
-- jessica?
yeah yeah
-- nah man, she's frude
by JdILL November 28, 2004