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Commonly seen in pictures of Emo people.

Turn it upside down!

Guy- Turn that frown upside down!
Guy #2- Fuck off!
by Jesse J.,., June 20, 2008
An inverted smile.
Whenever I see someone frown, I simply imagine it as an inverted smile, and feel happy.
by i'mnotcertain December 13, 2010
The downward journey the facial muscles make when pissed off.
A man is on his lunch break and is in the canteen. He's see's his favorite sandwich, but as he extends his arm with intentions to take it a stealthy philosoraptor scuttles by and snatches it.

Man's Brain: WTF!!!
Man's Stomach: Yeah, I'm hungry. What should we do
Man's Brain: ..... ehhh. I dunno!
Man's Penis: Hey face muscles, look like your taking a shit, maybe that'll scare him.
Man's Anus: Should I shit one out too?
Man's Penis: No, you idiot. It's called "FROWNING". We just want to look grumpy and express our displeasure at the dinosaurs actions.
by Roof Fox February 25, 2014