A couple who is your friend; usually the friend of another couple, making a pair of frouples.
Anne, why don't you call our frouple, the Smiths, and we can go catch some brelupper.
by retsehcmai January 23, 2009
Top Definition
(pronounced FRUP-ple) A friend-couple. This can be used in multiple situations, in both a romantic and platonic context. For instance, if a pair of friends evolves into a couple, they are a frouple. If two friends are constantly together (perhaps often mistaken for a couple) they are a frouple. In some cases, a couple might also start out as a frouple, but evolve into just a standard couple if the relationship becomes very serious.
"Steve and Rachel are such a cute frouple. They were always together last year, and now they have started dating!"
by Allegra G November 25, 2007
Friends that act like a couple. When two people have broken up but can't seemed to stay just friends with one another. Always a bit more than friends
by Rupunzel09 December 06, 2011
A friend group of three where two of the persons are in a relationship and the other is a friend of both. Many times the third person is called a "third wheel". Replace "third wheel" with "frouple".

Frouple = friend/couple.
On the show 'How I met your Mother' Marshall & Lily are the couple and Ted is their best friend. They are the perfect example of a "frouple"
by amykay May 11, 2011
usually referring to a grape.

word is derived from a squashing-up of "fruit" and "purple".

"Hey, what's your favourite fruit, dude?"

"A, er, wait, BRAINFREEZE, oh, a, er, frouple."
by izzaay December 15, 2007
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