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6 definitions by retsehcmai

A couple who is your friend; usually the friend of another couple, making a pair of frouples.
Anne, why don't you call our frouple, the Smiths, and we can go catch some brelupper.
by retsehcmai January 23, 2009
The restricted dance you do in the car when your jam comes on the radio. The booty scoot generally involves small gluteal movements bounded by the car seat and/or seatbelt.
Man, everytime "Mrs. Officer" comes on the radio I just gotta do the booty scoot!
by retsehcmai January 19, 2009
a person who has gained some advantage by pure luck; usually used in a negative manner; commonly used in the phrase "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while"
That d bag blind squirrel beat me to the light because I was busy doin the booty scoot.
by retsehcmai January 21, 2009
cheerful homosexuality, often performed in a secretive manner
I swear, if those guys aren't fruiting around they're cheesin in the closet.
by retsehcmai January 23, 2009
a common shortening of last evening; commonly used by drunken storytellers
Levnin' I was helping that guy in the VIP get informated on the booty scoot when he offered to meet me for brelupper.
by retsehcmai January 23, 2009
the state of being drunkenly informed
While in the VIP lastnight I got informated on proper booty scoot technique.
by retsehcmai January 23, 2009