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While recieving felattio, the woman is made to laugh right as the man blow his load, thus, the semen gets shot out of the womens nose. The semen dripping out the her nose resembles walrus tusks, and since air has been forced into the semen it bubbles, thus creating the frothy part. Much like when someone makes you laugh while drinking soda, only it semen.
Jack noticed Jill was using to much teeth while gobbling his winkie, so he gave her a frothy walrus.
by LiCiOuS February 25, 2003
A sexual position in which a man first performs anal sex on his female counterpart. The female then proceeds to give the man a blow job and when the man is ready to ejaculate he sticks his penis really deep in the woman's throat so that when he ejaculates a frothy brownish white mixture flows out each nostril of the woman's nose making two "tusks". Hence the name "frothy walrus".
Derek: Dude did you hear what Jimbo did with his gal last night?

Hank: Nah man what did he do?

Derek: He did the frothy walrus!
by Darryl Hardy July 15, 2014
After ejaculating into your partner's mouth, cover their lips with your hand and then whisper "I have syphilis" into their ear. The shock of the statement should cause the semen to shoot out of their nose and drip down their chin...thus creating walrus like tusks.
As Jane stared in disbelief at Dick, the foamy frothy walrus discharge dripping from her chin, she realized that she had become the victim of quite possibly the frothiest walrus of all time.
by The Baron of Kakkalakee July 10, 2008
When a guy cums in a girls mouth, and the girl drools it out from both sides of the lips.
Dude, that was an instant frothy walrus
by franch eyes December 10, 2012
As a result of a certain set of individuals love for the term "frothy walrus" already defined on this fine site, a group of collegians at an undisclosed Augustinian private university created a character in NHL09 Be A Pro mode named "Frothy Walrus." Perhaps the finest player to ever grace the ice, Froth-star gives walrus tusks to all opposing players and coaches he faces with his devastating arsenal of moves and his 99/99/99/99 shooting attributes. Simply known as "The Walrus," he is the greatest player in the history of hockey in this alternate reality, registering numerous seasons with 200+ goals.
Ex1) Frothy Walrus wears number 99, even though it was retired by the NHL. The Great One insisted he wear it.
Ex2) Frothy Walrus just put one top left shelf against Marty. I think I see a pair of tusks forming under Brodeur's nose.
by TheProcrastinator February 23, 2009
Ejaculating in one partners mouth. While at the same time punching them in the stomach. Resulting in semen emmiting from sid partners nose.
John gave Jane a frothy walrus.
by GhostDog July 05, 2003
when a guy is getting a blow job, right when he cums he hits her in the chest causing cum to cum out of her noise
kind of like a clancey
by Jizzer January 23, 2005
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