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A highly trained sniper that always gets gets his target.
Soldier #1: Shhh... *whispers* I heard there's a Clancey two miles out.

Soldier #2: *Laughs* there is nothing to be afraid of... *pokes head up for a few seconds* ...see what I... *BOOM HEADSHOT*!
by A Sniper Who Doesn't Exist May 02, 2011
Red Haired Fighter
Clancey, that reminds me of an Old Irish name.
by Jolly Green Leprechaun May 16, 2011
it is when have over three girls bending over in a line, fucking the first one then moving to the second one and so on.
There was four girls at my house and they all bent over so i can stick my penis in their vaginas.
by Byrdee January 23, 2005