Excessive excitement, typically about something of little actual worth. Mostly used in the world of extreme sports, notably surfing.
"We held a contest in absolute epic conditions, the crowd was frothing that Kelly won on a 6'2 board."
by GP the Guineapig April 11, 2006
Top Definition
To be fully amped. Is the more formal use of the word frothen (pronounced froth'n). Its origins is the yalls(yallingup) area of WA (western Australia) in the surfing community.
mate its solid 4 ft, pitting off its tit, im frothing for it.
by 3ftbearss April 25, 2007
Collective noun for a group of conservatives.
A frothing of conservatives came out to follow the candidate after he asked for their support against what he called an onslaught of communists.
by paulpaxman March 03, 2012
(verb) The act of continuing to pump a girl after you've already cum inside of her, creating a froth-like, bubbling effect.
"My girl just went on the pill so I've been frothing her on the reg."
by Frothty the Snowman March 15, 2010
The sexual and deviant fetish practice of jerking off into your housemate's coffee cups, then replacing the cups without cleaning them.
Hey, look at this. Is that curdled cream of mushroom soup in my soy latte?" "No, I think Peter has been frothing in your mugs again.
by MarshallStaxx June 10, 2011
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