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The alternative defintion of a Ladyboner, when a woman becomes so uncontrollably turned-on, she begins to produce vaginal secretions to the point that her Sarlac resembles a Coffee-house Capuccino. Otherwise known as "Predator-Rabies", or "The Gerard-Buttler-Effect".
"I was watching 'The Passion of the Christ' and got such a huge 'Froth-on' that I had to Feed the Pony right there in the cinema"
"Jeez mom, just let me do my homework before dad comes to pick me up for visitation..."

"...And so when I saw your grandmother get a 'Froth-on' so brutal she looked like her jogging bottoms were a goddamn Rorschach test during an episode of Roots, I figured she wasn't actually 1/16th Italian and that your mother probably was sired by that Jiggaboo who 'Just helped her carry her groceries'. Anyway Junior, I digress, why should Grandpappy help pay towards your college tuition?"
by Poppa Boogaloo September 09, 2011
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