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The quintessential woman. She is inconceivably wonderful. She is the most gorgeous and intelligent human being created. She is a jack of all trades; a renaissance woman. If you know a LaShanda, consider yourself both lucky and unworthy.
person 1: Wow, my mind can't process that woman's greatness.

person 2: Yup, she must be a LaShanda.
by mymymymy February 04, 2010
1 Word related to LaShanda
LaShanda is a girl who thinks she is the best when really she just might be. She likes thugs, especially boys with braids. She is an independent girl who needs no help from anyone else and kind of stubborn though. She usually makes people wish they were friends with her and she is a really reliable friend.
Mary: Who's that girl?
John: Oh that's just LaShanda....
Mary: Cool, i wish i had friends like her, she seems nice.
by skinnebeth July 27, 2010

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