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A state of extreme excitement or arousal in a woman, such that she may find herself delightfully moist.
"It gives me great pleasure to declare parliament open... in fact, one is positively frothing at the gash!"


"Gold, Frankincense AND Myrhh! You're too kind! I'm genuinely frothing at the gash."
by Bob Sometimes March 23, 2005
a term which loosely gleans over the finer and more civilised aspects of a woman's vagina at its most heated state. when one is 'frothing at the gash', they are excited, aroused, angry, rabid, raving, or downright motherfucking horny. an accepted substitute to the phrase is 'foaming at the gash'
"so you just won a marathon, how do you feel?"
"oh im frothing at the gash, i really am"


"so what do you feel like for breakfast today kate?"
"ohhh, im frothing at the gash for some tomato sauce on toast"
#cunt #axe wound #foaming at the gash #3b #tittyfuck
by chocolatelaurence August 04, 2009
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