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9 definitions by Misanthropic71

A neverending flow of words, phrases, sentences, and opinions from a speaker whose agenda was crystal clear in the first ten seconds of speech.
Did you hear Rush Limbaugh's diatribe on the war against drugs?

Fucking junkie ass hypocrite!
by Misanthropic71 March 24, 2008
59 16
NOT limited to Asians! In the US, it's mostly white jocks or rednecks who overload their Japanese made (brand, these days) cars with racing\high performance accessories. A good example would be the late 90s Honda Civic with tail fin, racing stripes, neon lights, and 'racing' clutch.
Wow! It's a good thing ole rice boy put a fin on that gocart ...I thought he was about to get airborne! At least it appeared that way in my rear view!
by Misanthropic71 March 25, 2008
70 47
A real speech impediment that evolved into urban slang so 'speaker' avoids being thought of as a fucking moron.
Shit dog, I keeps it real bra ...ya feel me?
I be dare'n a mutha fucka to even think I ain't from the skreets bra! They's a hard ass teacha for real tho.

Ain't like a Nigga can go down to the liberry and axe OG Monster Cody for a copy of the rules of da game!
by Misanthropic71 March 26, 2008
28 18
A double contraction.

Should Not Have.

Heh, I guess skippy really shouldn't've parked there.
by Misanthropic71 March 26, 2008
14 7
The only word that is more insulting to a woman than cunt.
What? You fucked my brother?

by Misanthropic71 March 24, 2008
9 4
A very decieving word that actually means the question itself will be a lengthy diatribe of mundane subject matter ...not even requiring an answer but more of an editorial.
Keith let me ask you a quick question? What do you think of that blah blah dress blah blah Britney blah blah ...can you actually beleive that blah blah whore blah blah and more blah.
by Misanthropic71 March 24, 2008
27 44
A Marjuana joint/blunt laced with Crack.
What... You rollin' a Hype?
Nah bra, I don't want to hit that.
by Misanthropic71 March 18, 2008
8 42