The sexual act where a woman rides a man until he cums inside of her. Then she pushes his load back out and all over his stomach, where he lets it dry until it flakes off.
My GF Frosted Flaked me last night, it was GRrrrrrrreat!
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by Cocoduck1991 June 24, 2016
When a girl lets someone cum in he hair and lets it dry overnight. In the morning, she masturbates and uses her vagina juices to get the cum out of her hair and proceeds to eat it.
Guy 1: Totally met a girl who loves frosted flakes. Not sure how I feel about it.
by purplenurple23 March 23, 2012
a person who is sweet in nature but has no concept of time
tim's blind date was 30 minutes late but he knew that she was a frosted flake.
by jester November 27, 2003
Amazing marajuana that has so many THC crystal on it, it resembles the ceral frosted flakes.
Now that shit is some frosted flakes.
by FFS July 03, 2005
the flaky crust that grows on the bottom of someones underware when they haven't changed them for a long period of time
Yo that fucker Phillip has some mad Frosted Flakes on his draws I think he shits himself and never wipes
by fishrman July 17, 2003
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