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A word that has no definition. You can't explain what it is, or how to draw it. Often used to weird people out.
It is also used when no other word/swear will do justice.
Donna: EW! I was opening a bag of coleslaw and there was a REAL HUMAN EAR inside! I even tasted it to make sure!
Jason: What the FROODLE?!
by Friday_the_14th March 15, 2011
Fruit snack
I love my huge gigantic froodle. Another definition for froodle is a penis compliment. That is what is funny about froodles
by Homy-g-dog-man-yo June 21, 2010
Another name for a penis but used to describe it in a good way as in it means that it is long and thick. It is a complement to your penis.
Oh you have such a froodle. Slip it into me!!!!
by LP3 December 06, 2005