a very high leveled player usually in a MMORPG game, acting like an unexperienced player.

Dude ur such a Froob.

Look at that froob over there hes like Zezima or Something.
by Bosnic November 27, 2007
fucking retarded noob, or a high level acting like a noob.
you dont need free stuff you froob!!
by RålZ October 30, 2007
Fucking Retarded nOOB

Guy 1: wow you're such a noob!
Guy 2: well if I'm a noob, you're a froob!
by GigglyFart June 12, 2008
this is in fact an older usage, standing for,

Fluid Running Out of Our Brakes.

it means a condition of progressively uncontrollable disaster.
american iraq policy is froob all over again.

by tritumi October 14, 2007
froob- a fucking retarded noob
look at that kid play halo what a froob!
by craig3476 September 28, 2007
1.)a cunt.
2.)another word for noob.
Paige: She totally missed the volleyball.
Nikki: That's because she's a froob.
by Paigeh Poo September 12, 2007
a froob is a noob who is more anoying than just a new player. they beg, scam, cheat, spam, and act like they know what they're doing and try to "trick" experience people by saying things like "ill give you this aaawsommmmmeee thing it's worth like a billion" when its worth absolutly nothing.
i dont care i gave u the def.
by John February 28, 2005
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