Froob is a combination of three words, for use on people who deserve to be called froobs. The words are (the F word) + (Rube*) + (Noob). "F" from the f word, R from Rube, OOB from Noob.

A Roob is worse than a Noob, but a Froob is the king of the dung heap.

*For those of you who don't know, a "rube" was a sucker. Rubes were often picked out by scam artists of olden days.
Hey, noob! NOOB! NOOOOOOOOB!!!!

Jesus, what!?

Ur a noob.

Whatever, Froob.

I'm no noob, ur the noob.

I didn't call u a noob, that's too good for you. I called you a FROOB, punk.
by Thomas the Tank Tread October 21, 2007
Faggot noob; Nobody likes him/her; a stupid little cock juggling thunder cunt that is a fag and is always a fag no matter what; also used to refer to a kser in mmo's
"that little froob stole my cookie!!!"
by Pajamas December 30, 2007
The friendly version of noob. Used for your friends who do nooby things. But noob/n00b is too harsh.
Max: I got lost in that store
Sam: You're such a froob.

Alex: I forgot what the fire button is
Clare: It's right trigger ya froob.
by Bexy85 March 05, 2008
A froob is a freaken noob. froobs are like noobs, except even more stupid and annoying than just plain noobs
not froob: you're such a stupid little froob
by Joosty8646 November 15, 2006
A high level noob in a mmorpg game
runescaper lvl 77: omg free stuff plz plz plz plz
I just died
random runescaper: omg you froob
by darkprince13 November 22, 2006
Someone extremely cool who always knows where their towel is.
Wow look at that hoopy FROOB he always knows where his towel is.
by ;ksjfhgalskdfjv June 05, 2007
A fruity noob (whatever you think "fruity" means) Oh and you can call people who pay for a MMORPG a froob and they get really mad because they think you mean free noob, heh, they're wrong.
froob: fr33 st00f pl0x
you: froob.
by Lesions September 04, 2006

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