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Usually used on MMORPGs such as runescape, world of warcraft, AION, etc.
There are many variations on the word Froob, originating from the word "noob" or "n00b" that usually knows nothing about the task you or they are trying to accomplish and usually speak in their own form of interwebs-speak.
One variation is mainly used in runescape. This means a high level character with bad gear and usually have no clue what they are doing.
Another meaning, from world of warcraft. Means someone that plays the game for free as in a trial.
Those are the 2 mainly used terms, other than that it really does not mean anything.
Random 1: Hey wanna go run OS with us?
Random 2: Sure, now how do i get there?
Random 1: You just follow us and we will take you there.
Random 2: Where is the follow button?
Random 1: OMG you Froob, your level 80 and don't even know how to follow people
Random 2: F*** you faggot I'm better than you!
*Runs away*
by Fluffy Shmellow January 02, 2010
Also spelled fr00b.
A freshman and a noob.
I smell the froobs from a far.
by JumboDumbo August 30, 2011
Froob is a word used to describe a person whom generally does/says/makes motion toward something that is just plain silly, absurd, nonsensical and/or just all around stupid.

They have a lapse in judgment more times than never and usually always never realize it. These people spend the majority of their time looking cool in the mirror.

"You're a froob!" or "You froob!" are the most appropriate uses of the word.

Other uses of Froob include:

Frooby: Adjective:

"He's being really frooby lately"
"That's just frooby."

Froobleton/Froobington: A high class or otherwise elegant froob:

"I do say, Jonathan! Charles is being quite the Froobleton lately!"

"Hello, Froobington Steele! I see you've gained no brain cells over night!"

One other use of Froob could also be "Fruigurt"

The word Fruigurt (a combination of the words "fruit" and "yogurt") is the exact definition of the word Froob except much more homosexual.

"Roger, you're such a fruigurt."
by SaintYimmy January 25, 2010
Silly, careless, imaginative, funny
Ruby you are such Froob!

Playing tag is frooby!

Edmond is a frooby kid.
by Wuhwabo July 15, 2011
(n) Video game social status somewhere in between a noob and an apprentice. Short for "fraudulent noob," as in a player who thinks that he/she has learned something and is no longer a noob, but everyone else knows they are still a noob.
(Noob)-"Hey guys! Did you know that you can jump across this ledge if you hold down X while you run?" *Tries to do it but screws up*
(Team)-"Wow... what a froob..."
by arksafuck November 26, 2009
Word used to describe someone who lacks style and uses unique yet lame slang.
Dude, your dad is such a froob.
by D@rk Gu@rdi@n August 17, 2009
A fruity noob who is going to get his dick slapped around by a bunch of homos.
"That guy is such a froob
by Chad Hewitt June 12, 2008