a runner, usually a distance runner, who runs at the front of the pack and pushes the pace.
Steve Prefontaine was a front runner.
by Seany Boii March 02, 2007
1. A "Fan" who only roots for the winning team.
2. A Fake Fan

Myth: Front Runners Only Like Yankees, Patriots, Heat, Bulls, etc
Fact: Believing the myth is basically saying, people from the NY, NE (MASS,NH,VE, MA) are all front runners.

Myth: Front Runners claim that they were "always fans"
Fact: Ask them a simple question like names of 5 players or starters for positions and their answer will reflect what they really are.

Front Runner: Switches their "Favorite" team within 3 years or less.
Fan: Always 1 team for life

Front Runner: Can only name 1-3 players (normally the famous ones)
Fan: Can Name pretty much the whole roster along with player numbers etc.

Front Runner: Never Watches the Games except for championships
Fan: Watches all the Games and actually remembers key highlights.
Actual Conversation with a Front Runner

FR: You See the Superbowl XLVI.
ME: Yea, could have been better if the Pats won
ME: You a Giants Fan?
ME: Yea, well Giants didnt get that 96 yrd drive or a brilliant QB.
FR: I dont Care! Giants WON!!!!
ME:*Suspecting a Front Runner* What was the final score?
FR: I dont Care! Giants WON!!!!
ME: Name 5 players on the Giants and give numbers.
FR: Eli Manning, 10. Hakeem Nicks, dont care. Bradshaw, dont know. Cruz, dont know.
ME: You dont watch Football do you?
FR: To be honest I only root for NY Teams. I Like the Giants, Jets <----WTF???---->Yankees, and Mets.
ME: Wow...even more pathetic than the average Giants Fan.
by PatsFan12838781 February 15, 2012
a fat/overweight/obese girl who is in the front of a group of girls going to a party
Dave: John, look it's a frontrunner! (pointing to the fat girl leading the pack)

John: Frontrunner!!
by chuzzle7 April 12, 2011
in boxing, a frontrunner is the word used by p4p king floyd mayweather jr that means a boxer starts good in the beginning rounds but then he gets tired reaching the end later rounds.

he used the word in the 2006 fight v.s zab judah interview.
zab judah is a frontrunner, he starts good but then he rans out of gas
by hatuey April 20, 2008
A person who claims to be a band or group's biggest fan and expert after only knowing of them for a week. Also known as poseurs.
For example, many fans of Good Charlotte
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
Any gay ass band that actually thinks they're kewl. They thrive upon senseless morons and promote their so called "music" to dorks of crestwood.
Woah man, did you see our concert last night? We totally rocked out with a cover of Jet. Woo-hoo! Yeah man.
by miss February 01, 2005
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