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drinking any form of alcohol at home prior to hitting the bar scene in order to:

a.)avoid unnecessary partying costs
b.)arrive with a "foreign package"
He had the foresight to frontload before heading out for the night.
by Sheila in the car January 28, 2008
347 140
drinking alcohol of any kind before heading out to a party
Paul arrived at the party with a foreign package because he had the foreskin to front load before he got there.
by Sheila C January 27, 2008
15 5
1. to get a horrendous beating in a sport or other competitive activity

2. to drink such a tremendous amount of alcohol that you make a fool of yourself, throw up and fall down
How was the game last night?
Terrible, we got frontloaded.

Dude you were frontloaded last night.
I wish I could remember. Did I have fun?
by zallp April 21, 2009
5 4
Pertaining to physical health. The act of eating, drinking, sniffing, smoking, rolling, sinfully and wickedly with reckless abandonment while your young.
I'd rather frontload and live wildly while I can! After-all "your only young once".
by Miah December 08, 2006
9 10
To take a load in your front.
That chick was gonna rear load the bouncer to get in. But he wanted a Front Load instead. Since he was tall and not bad looking. a load might result in genetically superior offspring. So she was a ok with that.
by The Dirty Mexican December 26, 2012
1 4
to pin an article of clothing to ones taint in order to quiet an irritating itch, caused from an accumulation of poopy ass hole sweat in the taint area.
Dan (the dumb ass nigger) frontloaded his boxers into his taint to scratch an itch, when he knew he was scratching an itch cured only by soapy water and vigorous scrubbing.
by VJL October 08, 2008
2 17