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Organised group of football hooligans aligned to Wrexham Football Club based in north Wales. The group has been active since the early 1980's and has caused violence all over england. Bitter local rivals include The 125's (Chester City FC) and the English Border Front (Shrewsbury Town FC). Although any english team's supporters coming to Wrexham are not made welcome. Despite the fact that Wrexham FC are a small club, the Frontline has a reputation envied by firms at clubs much bigger than Wrexham. The Frontline remain active to this day, with currently 70 members banned from attending football matches in Wales and england.
Wrexham Frontline, business as usual.....invasion of england!
by Denbigh Dog October 17, 2006
the front line i.e the love life
If someone asks you hows the fornt line sed person is enquiring about your love life

BOY : " Much occuring on the front line lately??
Girl : " went to the cinemas with this boy saturday but nothing happned "
by ronmx January 03, 2010
The hooligans that belong to Wrexham AFC.

A thug who constantly goes to football matches and starts fights with opposing supporters and is symbolised usually by: Burberry/Aquascutum Hat, Stone Island Jacket, Lacoste Trainers, Prada/Armani Trousers And Usually Has a can of Stella or brick in hand. Also, They reguarly make up abusive chants on the terraces to threaten and strike fear into the other team and their travelling supporters.

Rival Teams are Chester, Crewe, anyone local really.
The frontliners have invited us to Crewe for some fighting, whack on your Stone Island jumper on will ya la?
by JamisPlease October 25, 2004
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