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Acting like you are more, or you have more than what really exists.
Casey drove around the rented car acting like it was hers. She was straight fronting.
by Stacy November 14, 2002
A facade. Appearing one way, but really acting another. Misrepresnting yourself.
Ellen, the same one from Walnut Creek, best not front when she tells me she has something for me!
by The Third Roomate November 26, 2002
Misrepresenting yourself, in regards to what you have or how you feel.
Ellen from Walnut Creek is a cool girl but she stays fronting.
by Oz November 25, 2002
Trying to pass yourself off as something you are not.

Sometimes mistakenly seen as an aspect of "fake it until you make it". The fronter, however, will never be able to "make it".
Youlanda talked like a manager, but anyone could easily see that she was fronting, and was actually a hopeless and total incompetent.
by Nitro Survivor July 02, 2010
Giving a sub-suplier drugs in bulk for free, up front, on the understanding that they will pay you within a given period once they have dealt them in smaller quatities at a markup
He's been fronting me ki's for years now because he knows I bring that paper right back.
by emby85 April 15, 2009
Getting drugs with intention and agreement to pay later.
I'm tired of fronting you drugs, you never pay on time!
by Sweet A$$ March 20, 2011
Placing your hand on the front of your pants and making exaggerated masturbatory gestures (either for the purpose of achieving an orgasm or to show off).
1. Did you see those guys fronting at the cheerleader tryouts?
2. Several guys at the school dance formed a fronting conga line before the principal stepped in to stop it.
3. Hugh G. Rection was fronting for almost a minute in drama class before the teacher figured out what was going on.
by jinxx July 28, 2012
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