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Front Shitting is when someone (anyone) shits onto a plate or other surface, then force feeds that shit into the vagina of a lady. Yep, the poop is in there, then the lady shits it out her vadge.

It is like taking a regular dump, just using a different hole, almost like rebirthing a dump.

It is believed this horrific deep was first thought of during a snow boarding trip to New Zealand, but no one knows for sure.

There is the high possibility that filming will start mid 2012 on the feature length film of this despicable act, taking place in Eastern Europe, with a bag full of filthy drugs and some slavish whores.
The tall fish tank repair man took a horrific shit onto a plate. Then from the other room a midget came along, dressed as a 1800's army person and forced the shit into the cunt of the lady laying on a glass table (using a canon stoker to push it into the lady's vadge). The lady then proceeded to "Front Shit" the dump onto the glass table.
Every one then decided that 'Front Shitting' is a truly horrible idea.
by FNTSHT February 17, 2010
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