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bulge of fat that hangs over the genitals and is split down the middle to look like an ass.
Oh my god. That dude has front ass hanging over his pants.
by Poor boy from a poor family December 10, 2003
When one reaches a level of obesity to the extent that he/she has two asses - a fully functional rear ass as well as a non-functional, for appearances only frontal ass.
The frontal ass is anatomically referenced as the Front Ass. The front ass encompasses the lower abdominal area from the pubic bone to the waist line.
"Jabba's getting rather large That's quite the front ass that she's packing. Although I must say, it does help to balance out her rather generous rear ass."

"Man those stretch pants are screaming bloody murder. Her front ass is putting a hurting on them while at the same time her rear ass appears to making a meal of them."
by snagit December 03, 2009
when someone's belly hangs over thier beltline and into the upper thigh, thus creating "front ass"
when someone's belly hangs over their beltline and down into the upper thigh area, thus creating"front ass"
by J-Loco March 10, 2007
a huge mass of fat covering someones genitals. it usually looks like there is another ass in front of someone.
native has the biggest front ass ive ever seen..maybe he should run around the teepee instead of sitting inside all day talking to his online girlfriends.
by maniac killllla May 21, 2007
Large,swollen labia, usually an angry red color.The result of intensive frigging, may be accompanied by the loss of urination ability.
Ethel frigged her front ass until it swelled completely shut when she saw you-know-who.
by Butterball Turkey March 10, 2003
An extremely large, protruding stomach which is divided by a long crack or cleavage. It strongly resembles the buttocks; hence an ass in the front, or frontass.
"Wow! did you see the frontass on that guy?"
by 102nutz May 30, 2006
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