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A sex position where a gentleman lays flat on his stomach and his lady humps his bum or back.
I busted early doggy style, so my gal did me froggy style.
by armis September 01, 2011
82 130
see CB4 the movie. Im going to do her Froggy Style!
by Witness Protection July 21, 2003
31 79
doggy style but the girl is laying flat on the bed instead of on her knees
my legs got tired from doggy style so the bitch layed down and i fucker her froggy style
by ragbag85 March 30, 2005
87 139
Fucking a girl in gut crushing position
I hit that shit Froggy Style last night
by The DVS 1 November 03, 2003
28 80
a pizzazzfull sex position in wich the female jumps in the air like a frog, with the male following suit right behind her. the is midair penetration, then landing with the female being fully penetrated, repeat
Cj: yo, charlie! i did my girl froggy style!
Charlie: Really bro!? were you in mid-air?!
Charlie: fuckkkkkkkkk
by xxxrated April 06, 2009
41 94
having intercourse with a impregnated woman, such that her belly resembles the belly of a frog.
"How was last night with Shantel?"
"fantastic, we did it froggy style."
by Tobias The Great November 29, 2007
16 78