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A small, scrappy fight between two individuals. Can be used inturn on a FPS game. Less elgant than a duel, but it is still the mans way to fight.
(1) I've just had a frodge with Martin behind the Bike Shed.

(2) I really want a frodge with you.

(3) I've just had a pistol duel on Medal of Honor. It was an amazing frodge.

(4) Before a fight - I'm frodgin it.
by Tom, the Naylord March 23, 2006
The fridge in the garage.

( the garage fridge)
Mom! Where's the potato salad?

Honey it's in the frodge we stopped eatting that weeks ago.

Once it's put in the frodge no one remembers its even there and it's ussually thrown away 4 months later.
by nicolexop April 02, 2011

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