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spazing out due to maximum frustration or uber meth smoking symptoms include erratic behavior, wide eyes, shaking , and rapid placement of lounge furniture.
Joe was frittering out after a hard night on it......

gaz started to convulse due to his frittering that night....
by doughboi12345 August 07, 2012
The sexual act of shoving a deep fried pastry, commonly named a fritter, up into the vaginal orifice of a female, and the subsequent act of eating the pastry from the vagina.
All I can think about at this donut shop is going home and frittering you.
by battlecat316 July 26, 2013
To randomly procrastinate more than you have been.
I am seriously considering frittering away a few hours playing on PS3.
by dmann1982 April 11, 2010
spending and wasting way too much time on the combination of facebook and Twitter
I was lazy today. I spent hours just frittering and doing nothing
by orourkeland April 30, 2009