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verb: to bitch about someone in front of them, and not behind their back
I'm telling you honey all that lead in your lipstick is going to your brains! I'd rather fritch than bitch about you!
by chitsb January 09, 2009
It is a Cajun word that is slang for the runs, diarahea or the squirts.
I fritched in my pants because I have the runs.
by ArkPacRat July 08, 2009
The Blackhole of Texas. It's like the Bermuda Triangle - once you go, you never come back.
Fritch is like the Bermuda Triangle - once you go, you never come back.
by KrissyKris August 03, 2008
A pissy mood, bitchy mood, BF (Bitch Fit).
"Im on a fritch today man, I lost my wallet"

"I got the fritches, got a damn ticket"
by Ghetoo Dic. May 15, 2008
cross between a freak and a bitch
Olivia: What is up with that girl Melissa?
You: I know, she's such a fritch.
by elbeeeee November 14, 2009
A frigid bitch. A female so callous, the venom she spews gives you chills.
That fritch just told me she wouldn't date me even if I were the last man on Earth and dildos turned to popsicles!
by Greg Russells February 01, 2007
A friend Snitch.

Someone who acts like their your friend, but they go behind your back asking others about you, trying to find out details of your business.

These people are too gutless to ask you to your face however they will ask other people including your friends any information they can get their little fritching hands on.
She was too scared to ask her 'friend' for herself so she snuck around asking people behind her back, she was a total fritch.
by Bawlistic October 19, 2015
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